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Typ                   SBFC Membership Application                           2015


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Please send  this form with your check for $35 if requesting Postal Delivery of the Newsletter OR

$25 if requesting  eMail only  delivery of the Newsletter. (Saves Club $14 per year)  

 Make check payable to   SBFC   and mail to:  P.O. Box 6993 in San Pedro, 90734                 

Check Dated ____________



Name  _________________________________  Nickname   _________________  Email _______________________________________

Address  __________________________________________ City ___________________________ Zip ____________

Phone (H)  (______)________________   (W)  (______)____________________   (Cell) (______)__________________


Occupation   __________________________________________              

Birthday – Month & Day Only __________________ 

 Please indicate:    New Member _____     Renewing Member _____     Rejoining Member _____ (membership had lapsed)   

Please inform us as to where you learned about us:  Newspaper____ Friend _____ Web Site _____  Meet Up _____  Other ___________________

 Periodically, The Club publishes a roster for use by Members Only.     All names, addresses/phones are included for functional purposes Only.            When a roster is published for use by all members,   please check your preference for release of your information:

No Phone  ___________               No Address  ____________                  No Email  _____________

South Bay Fun Club activities are planned, coordinated and run entirely by volunteers.     In order to continue to provide exciting and enjoyable events for everyone, we need your help.      Please check below the ways in which you can help.

 Coordinating:                           Hospitality:                                                            General Club Business:

 ___ Sports Activities              ___ Greeter/Door Duty                                            ___ Treasurer / Membership Database    

 ___ Parties                             ___ Telephone Committee                                       ___ PR/Newspaper articles   

 ___ Trips/Camping                 ___ Dinner/Happy Hours                                         ___ Secretary                                        

 ___ Special Events                                ___ Use of your home                              ___ Newsletter Assembly/Mailing

___ Party/dances decorating   ___ Cleanup                                                           ___ Web Site maintenance                    

___ Other ____________________e your paragraph here.