E-Mail: souhbayfunclub@Gmail.com

​​Our organization was founded in 1993 to provide opportunities for singles and unmarried couples, ages 55 & up,  to socialize and engage in sports and other activities.  

Current membership exceeds 70 active members.    Emphasis is on providing a safe environment without obligations, for socializing with members of the opposite sex, making new friends & developing a social support system. 
The club is a non-profit organization. We ask members to volunteer as coordinators for functions each month. 
Dues are $35 annually or $25 if you do not receive the newsletter mailed to you. This includes reduced prices at our many functions, plus a monthly newsletter. 
Activities: house parties, happy hours, dinners, concerts, movie night, sports (bowling, volleyball, walks, hikes, etc.), day trips (ride the rail, fairs, picnics, etc.).